Latch Key is dedicated to being authentic. Formed by hand, made with intention, dreamt of for many moons. Every ceramic piece is delicately created and finished with uniquely formulated glazes. These glazes produce colors and textures reminiscent of organic materials. The shapes and forms are created from clay and concept, meticulously crafted and lovingly sent to their rightful owners. 


Sculptural Future

Latch Key was spawned from an environment where production is mechanized and the reminder of the hand is nearly invisible. The goal of this handcrafted ceramic studio is to bring craftsmanship back into the aesthetic of personal and home adornment.

By supporting handicraft makers, you are building a reality where skill sets are reinforced and boosted, helping goods created by real people become highly valued. This will set a precedent -  a structure in which skills are celebrated, shared and cherished, forcibly altering the future of consumerism and the way we acquire objects that inspire us. 

Personal + Home Decor

Maker Whitney Sharpe, the creative behind Latch Key, is a Bay Area based artist in Oakland, CA. Whitney makes every Latch Key piece by hand in her live/work studio in Jingletown. Whitney first started working with clay as a child. She received formal training in the fine arts at Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus in ceramics, textiles, sculpture, and painting. From this multi-medium education, Whitney was able to explore traditional and craft based mediums while converging intention, concept and quality.


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